H2OCarib and its parent partner have made accessible the most affordable, the world's first "Folia Filters" throughout the Caribbean Islands and Latin America. Our vision is to reach the 1.8 billion people who consume microbiologically contaminated drinking water as well as the 2 billion people who pay the poverty penalty: overpaying in time, energy, or money to obtain safe drinking water. Lack of clean water is catastrophic for public health: diarrheal illnesses kill more than 500,000 children a year.

H2O ™ kill waterborne pathogens at a price that is affordable to even those who make $1-10/day. Our filter papers are designed to fit into either a regular plastic funnel or our Keystone Funnel™. The Keystone Funnel™ allows users to walk away and leave a 2 liter bottle of dirty water to drain through a Folia Filter into any household water container including a soda bottle or jerry can. The Keystone Funnel is designed to be simple to use, effective, and culturally appropriate, minimizing customers' setup time and not requiring them to buy a special water bottle.

H2OCarib's Social Mission

H2O Carib and its current partner operate according to a triple bottom line:

People :

  • Provide safe water to billions in the developing world at a price they can easily afford. 
  • Create jobs and opportunities in the developing world for micro-entrepreneur retailers as well as local and regional suppliers, manufacturers, and distribution partners. economic development everywhere that Folia Water operates: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cape Town.

Planet :

  • Prevent the environmental impacts associated with current methods of purifying water (burning wood for boiling water, or using harmful chemicals such as chlorine).
  • Ensure that all Folia Filters use ethically-sourced wood pulp and are biodegradable and recyclable at end-of-life. 
  • Locally source materials when possible to minimize carbon footprint. 


  • Make a sustainable profit to reinvest in H2O Carib’s efforts worldwide.
  • Reinvest in research & development of new technologies to improve lives in Base of the Pyramid markets. 
  • Give generously to good causes and NGO partners in the developing world.